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Goals Based Investing - a smart way to invest

In these uncertain economic times, investors face the risk of downturns in the value of their investment portfolios. For executives, high-income earners and those with more extensive investment portfolios, the stakes are higher in dollar terms...

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WLM's Response to Coronavirus COVID 19

The Coronavirus pandemic and the measures to slow its transmission are evolving rapidly. First priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients and the broader community. The following is a summary of WLM’s operating procedures..

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Coronavirus COVID-19 is here. What does it mean for investors?

The Coronavirus COVID-19 is of obvious concern to investors. Just what will it mean? At times like this, opinions abound. Commentary is ranging from:

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Many investors are guilty of committing these three investment mistakes

We have been in a bull market since the GFC (2008). Because of this prolonged cycle of bullish prosperity, many investors have become complacent in their investment strategy as they expect the traditional asset market (shares) to continue to go..

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