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The top Christmas tax questions

Every year, we are asked about the tax impact of various Christmas or holiday related gestures. Here are our top tips.

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If Santa was an Australian tax resident

A lighter look at the complexity of Australian taxation laws and the year that has been.

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Four financial resolutions to kick start the new year

The dawn of a new year sees many people setting new year’s resolutions such as losing some weight or giving up smoking.

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Gifts or Loans from related Overseas entities under the ATO Radar

The ATO is watching out for taxpayers attempting to avoid or evade tax on their foreign assessable income by disguising amounts as gifts or loans from a related overseas entity. This increased ATO attention has come about with the proposed..

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Property investing and SMSFs – the differences

Investing in property seems to be part of every Australian’s DNA. Given the significant growth in property prices in Australia, clients are now looking at using their super to invest in property via a Self Managed Superannuation Fund.

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How to set up your Director ID

Directors are now required to register for a unique identification number that they will keep for life.

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What happens to your superannuation when you die?

Superannuation is not like other assets as it is held in trust by the trustee of the superannuation fund.  When you die, it does not automatically form part of your estate but instead, is paid to your eligible beneficiaries by the fund trustee..

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Unwinding COVID-19 Relief Payments

A State-by-State breakdown of how COVID-19 support will roll back as states and territories reach vaccination targets.

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Protect your estate from these mistakes

It’s a sad but unavoidable fact: one day we are all going to die. You will most likely have clear ideas about how you would like your hard-earned wealth – your ‘estate’ – to be divided amongst your loved ones or other beneficiaries. However,..

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Divorce, Superannuation and the Gender Divide

New legislation will help prevent superannuation assets from being hidden during divorce proceedings.

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