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Estate Planning. It's the best way to protect your family from the unexpected.

Our lives are increasingly busy and complicated. Your business, your job, your family and your health each require time and attention. But, finding time for everything is tough, and things get overlooked. One area often missed is planning for the..

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What you need to know about paying for financial advice

If you’re thinking about using a financial adviser, you will want to know how the process works, the costs involved and if you’re getting value for money. In Australia, financial advisers typically use one of two fee structures to charge for..

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Super Guarantee Amnesty Resurrected

The Government has resurrected the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) amnesty giving employers that have fallen behind with their SG obligations the ability to “self-correct.” This time however, the incentive of the amnesty is strengthened by harsh..

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How business owners unlock potential with one team of financial experts

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing, and as we watch nations compete for victory on the field we are sure to witness all the highs and lows that come with team sport. To be competitive having a strategy is a must, as too is commitment,..

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Big-picture financial planning to protect a family’s future

Goals-based financial planning is a signature of our service at WLM, because it involves much more than the numbers – it also explores measures that provide security and protection against unexpected life events. Sadly, and too often, we hear of..

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Tax warning on overseas income

Do you earn income overseas? A recent case highlights why you might pay more tax than you thought on foreign income.

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What would happen if…

Life does not always go to plan. While we logically know that, most of us don’t plan for the worst - it’s all a bit morbid and time consuming.

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Business tax planning for 2018-19

With the introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) for ALL employers, the importance of tax planning each quarter for all Directors will be imperative.

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When dividends are not enough: Where to invest for higher yield

Investing for total return, not just dividends, is the way forward for retirees.

It's a quandary every retiree faces: how to get a higher yield without taking on too much risk. Interest rates are in the doldrums and unlikely to budge any time..

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What money habits lead to success?

What are the traits, behaviours and attitudes that lead to success?

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