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Case Study: Overcoming ‘analysis paralysis’ with financial forecasting

Sometimes the first step in being able to plan for the future is to be able to make a big decision about something in life. However, what happens if there is a stumbling block keeping you awake at night that you just can’t seem to move past?

Financial forecasting

Part of WLM’s advice process is to help clients make big life decisions by using detailed financial modelling or forecasting. Comparing the projected future outcomes using numbers and assumptions can allow a decision to be made easily so that you can move on with life and start taking steps to secure your financial future.

A duplex decision 

A recent example we encountered was helping clients to decide whether to develop an investment property into a duplex. They were unsure whether it was viable, whether they could afford repay the debt, and what impact it would have on their retirement plans. After completing a financial modelling process, we were able to estimate that the development was financially feasible, however they could only afford to make the loan repayments on both properties for a short period of time. Our modelling indicated that they were better off selling one property, reducing debt, and contributing funds to their superannuation. This would result in moving more of their assets into superannuation to benefit from a tax-free superannuation income stream when they retire.

A holistic approach

At WLM Financial Services, we have over 20 years of working with individual investors and using financial modelling to assist with making investment decisions that meet their desired goals and objectives. Through our Wealth Oneness approach, you have access to both financial planning and accounting professionals under one roof.

How can WLM help?

If you are struggling to make a big lifestyle decision that is holding you back from being able to secure your financial future, reach out to WLM today.

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