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The ATO is on the lookout for ‘lifestyle’ assets

The ATO is data matching with information from 30 insurers to support the profiling of selected taxpayers. They are targeting lifestyle assets that have not been disclosed in tax returns over the last five years.

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Increased scrutiny by the ATO to substantiate expense claims

In November 2019, a judgement was made in favour of the ATO by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia in the case of Reid and the Commissioner of Taxation. It reinforced the importance of ensuring that expense claims are substantiated..

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Many investors are guilty of committing these three investment mistakes

We have been in a bull market since the GFC (2008). Because of this prolonged cycle of bullish prosperity, many investors have become complacent in their investment strategy as they expect the traditional asset market (shares) to continue to go..

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Main residence exemption abolished for non-residents and other tax issues to be aware of when moving overseas

On 12 December 2019, a law change means non-residents can no longer claim the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) main residence exemption unless, when a CGT event happens to their residential property in Australia, you were a foreign resident for tax..

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8 financial experts on the ONE thing you should do with your money in 2020

It’s a brand new year – and whether or not you’ve made any resolutions this year, it’s definitely worth your while taking stock of your financial position to see where you stand.

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Super guarantee opt-out for employees with multiple employers

Employees with multiple employers can now opt-out of the superannuation guarantee from all but one employer.

Employers are required to pay 9.5% superannuation guarantee for all eligible employees. But what happens if you are an employee with..

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WLM Launches new client portal

We're delighted to announce WLM Financial have recently introduced a brand new client portal. We're very excited by the functionality our portal will give WLM and our clients to exchange information more safely and securely than via email. The..

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Thinking of developing a property? Before you start, understand the unexpected costs and how to avoid them.

If you have a small property development project in mind, there are some essential factors to consider before purchasing that dream block. A range of taxes, duties and other unexpected costs can quickly add up.

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[Part 1] Voices of experience: Advice legends tell their stories

The voices of individuals who have built businesses, who have lived through market crashes and recoveries, and who have the context of history to guide them into the future have never been as valuable.

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Important update on discretionary trusts

The NSW government recently introduced a bill whereby virtually all discretionary trusts may be deemed to be foreign trusts, regardless of whether they have any foreign connection or not. 

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