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Financial Forecasting

How a Sydney medical practice flourished after doing the numbers

We have much expertise working with health and medical practitioners, one being a successful physiotherapy practice in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The owners were keen to expand and had the opportunity to lease a second premises next door. First, though, they wanted to understand how this would look from a financial point of view. 

Using a cloud-based financial forecasting system, we were able to give the owners the confidence that their growth plan would work. The business has since completed a large fitout of the expanded premises, dramatically increasing revenue and providing the infrastructure to plan further growth into the future. 

We continue to meet with the client on a quarterly basis, to track their KPIs and update their forecasts to account for ongoing change, including on the personal front. One was the decision of both business partners to have children, just six months apart from one another. Our forecasting helped predict the income and dividend streams available while each business owner took her maternity leave, and give them clarity around cashflows for the duration of time they would each be away from the business. 

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