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WLM Launches new client portal

We're delighted to announce WLM Financial have recently introduced a brand new client portal. We're very excited by the functionality our portal will give WLM and our clients to exchange information more safely and securely than via email. The basic benefits of the portal are:

· Secure place where documents such as statements of advice, signed tax returns and financials can be accessed by clients whenever required.

· For our tax clients, there is a "tax wizard" where clients can save relevant documents such as donations and work-related deductions as soon as the receipts are received, ensuring they don't get forgotten when completing your tax return.

For an additional cost, advanced functionality can be accessed using the WLM Wealth Portal. The portal provides the ability to track and organise your finances and allows you to add your assets and liabilities such as properties, shares, cars, bank accounts, loans and more to manage your finances easily. The portal is also capable of:

  • having live feeds from your bank account which can be set up to automatically categorise transactions and track your cash flow.
  • Budgeting tools that make setting goals and getting a full picture of your income and expenses easy.
  • Real-time valuation updates of your properties, share portfolios and cars.

We are currently contacting clients to set-up their portals, however, if you would like to get immediate access, please contact Taryn Rodier at to organise this for you.


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