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Xero is retiring fetch from its Hubdoc technology

Changes to Hubdoc Fetch and Supplier Invoices

WLM encourages our business clients to use cloud-based tools to automate the capture of supplier invoices and bank transactions. If you are not currently using a tool to do this, please talk to us so we can assist you.

Xero’s Hubdoc system currently uses a tool called “fetch” to facilitate the connections between financial institutions. Xero has just announced that fetch will be retired on 28 April 2022 due to the need to move to direct electronic communication. Over time, fetch has experienced diminished performance and functionality as banks and suppliers are increasingly restricting the ability to use standard fetch technology that is not a direct connection. It's technical, but important.

The change within your Xero account will happen automatically. Documents previously fetched into your Hubdoc account will remain.

There are various options you may use replacing fetch. Within Xero, you may upload or email documents into Hubdoc, including setting up email forwarding rules or via e-invoicing. E-invoicing allows you to electronically exchange invoices between accounting software systems. As suppliers come on board, you can start receiving e-invoicing. To be ready, simply register to receive e-invoices in Xero.

For alternative tools, please refer to and contact your accountant at WLM. We have had experience with many of these tools and can provide guidance.

As Xero continues to release new features and updates to their technology, they are also working on establishing direct fetch connections (via APIs) with banks and online suppliers worldwide to improve customer workflows and the mobile experience.

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