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Don't panic: super is a long-term game, experts say

A plunge in Australian and overseas shares has blown a big hole in superannuation savings, leaving many fund members – particularly those nearing retirement – in a quandary about whether to try and cut their losses by switching to safer..

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8 financial experts on the ONE thing you should do with your money in 2020

It’s a brand new year – and whether or not you’ve made any resolutions this year, it’s definitely worth your while taking stock of your financial position to see where you stand.

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[Part 1] Voices of experience: Advice legends tell their stories

The voices of individuals who have built businesses, who have lived through market crashes and recoveries, and who have the context of history to guide them into the future have never been as valuable.

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Forecasting your family's future

Most of us don’t have to look far to see that modern Australian families encompass more than the traditional form of mum, dad and a couple of kids. The Australian Bureau of Statistics says there have been considerable changes to our family..

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How many properties do you need to retire?

It is a universal truth that everyone wants a secure future so they can live out their golden years in comfort. In our youth, we study with the aim of being able to land great positions in the workforce. Then as working professionals we strive to..

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